I am keeping a diary of food I consume and any symptoms as a record for other sufferers of gall bladder attacks and those who have had theirs removed. After suffering a very long gallbladder attack which lasted 9 days with continuous pain, I was fortunate enough to have surgery recently. I had laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery which leaves you with 4 incisions in your abdomen and your body has no way of processing fat thereafter. Hence this diary/blog for other sufferers.

This diary goes hand-in-hand with my Food Blog which I will still keep up to date with gall bladder friendly meals. Feel free to check out my Food Blog. Also feel free to comment here and ask any questions you like. Follow me for my gall bladder ride.

Now about wind - well this is a blog about gall bladders and digestion problems, after all! With any digestion problems comes the dreaded subject of flatulence. Let's put it out there: farts, fluffs, trumps, firing off, letting off, ripping off, gas, stinkies and passing wind - we all do it. It's nothing to be ashamed about because it's a natural bodily function just like breathing. Now I admit I've always been a farter. I guess that is because I never burp. That's right - I can't burp! So I guess the gas has no other escape except down. Therefore this blog will need to include this smelly topic. If you're offended I am not going to apologise because it's a natural part of life.

When I've recorded my symptoms I've included flatulence in this manor: Mild flatulence = 1-5 farts; Medium flatulence = 5-10 farts; Excessive flatulence = more than 10 farts. So there you have it. It's out there for the world to see. I'm not ashamed of farting and you shouldn't be either *barf* O

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One year on

Well it's been one year since my gallbladder was removed. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.  I lost over 12 kilos (26 pounds) and I felt fantastic...for awhile.

After a few months of following a strict diet of very little fat, I slowly started to introduce the old foods I used to eat with higher fat content. They didn't have any affect...which was good...and bad! It was good because I could resume my old eating habits even though I didn't have a gallbladder to break the fat down. But it was also bad because not only did I put the weight back on - my bowel has taken the brunt of it.

I have a twisted bowel and also suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). So it appears that if I eat unhealthy food it builds up in my system, particularly my bowel and gets stuck! When this happens the only solution is to detox on juices, green tea, water, raw vegetables and administer an enema! Not good!

Anyway last week I tried a little experiment. After a particularly painful bowel attack which landed me in bed for 2 days - I decided I would (after the detox) eliminate gluten from my diet to see what it did. Well after just 48hrs I noticed a difference already. I felt lighter, less bloated, less fat, less windy and more energetic. My bowel hasn't quite recovered, however despite this - I DO feel a whole lot better.

I've started to blog my gluten-free meals on my cooking blog. If you're interested, head on over to the blog and see if there is anything there you may want to try. All the meals I make are easy, fast, healthy and tasty. They are very family friendly and are not gourmet, fancy meals :P

Best of luck to those of you scheduled for gallbladder surgery, and a big thank you to those who visit this gallbladder diary for advice and tips.

Stay healthy,
Michelle XD


  1. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again...


  2. Hi Michelle

    I have just been through the surgical procedure of removing my gall bladder two weeks ago.

    Am going through that difficult stage where I am adjusting to what my body can and can't cope with.

    Was doing research online for info and came across your blog. Thanks for the information and sharing of your experiences. Very helpful to those of us that are enduring the same symptoms.

    Will definitely check back as am looking for recipes that are neutral with gall bladderless persons.



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